The Assbots are a trio of mischief making robots created by none other than Dr. Wily. They are all enemies from the original Mega Man.

Jumping AssbotEdit

Jumping assbot
Big Eye is a rare enemy in Mega Man 1. It is one of the game's toughest enemies, dealing massive damage on par with Elec Man and Ice Man when it makes contact with Mega Man. His jump is also very hard to telegraph, so you never know if he jumps high (when you can run under him) or low until you get flattened by him. Due to being frustrating, he joined the Assbot trio.

Big Eye is the most common of the three assbots to appear in the series by an extremely large margain. He loves to jump on everything and everyone. Everyone hates him, and he has earned the deragotory nickname of "Jumping Assbot". Mega Man is the only character not to call him by that name, because he thinks it's mean to the Jumping Assbot.

Flying AssbotEdit

The Foot Holder is an even rarer enemy in Mega Man 1. He only appears in Ice Man's stage and the first Wily Castle. However, instead of being harmful, he actually helps Mega Man by transporting him across large gaps. However, he still shoots at you, and never flies near his fellow assbots. This let him get into the Assbot trio.

In TARS, "Flying Assbot" has all of his worst traits cranked up to eleven. He shoots down everything helpful, including you, and also never flies near the other Flying Assbots.

Shooting AssbotEdit

Sniper Joe is a common enemy across all of the Mega Man games. He is annoying to deal with, due to his shield.

In TARS, "Shooting Assbot" shoots everyone, even his allies. He also blocks every attack, making him annoying to deal with.



Comic 3: Jumping Assbot

Comic 28: School Time, School Time

Comic 31: Welcome Back!

Comic 61: Call of Duty

Comic 101: Comic Memories

Comic 197: Shooting Assbot

Total: 7

Jumping Assbot has appeared in 3.5% of the TARS Comics.


Comic 160: Flying Assbot

Comic 197: Shooting Assbott

Total: 2

Flying Assbot appeared in 1% of the comics.


Comic 197: Shooting Assbot

Total: 1

Shooting Assbot appeared in 0.5% of the comics.


  • Jumping Assbot is the first character to have a comic revolving around him.
  • Jumping Assbot is the only one of the Assbots to not receive an Intro Screen.
  • GreenKirby121098 is the one who gave Big Eye the "Jumping Assbot" nickname first, when he was playing the original Mega Man for the first time while communicating with Poyo Ride through Facebook.