"STADIUM PREDICTION:First Laptop Comic, and the return of Stadium Prediction. He will appear more often."
      —Deviantart Description
Comic 143 dense fog by poyoride-da0m9oc
Dense Fog is the 143rd comic in The Air Ride Series. It was released on April 27, 2016.


It is time for dense fog in City Trial. Dyna Blade complains about how it is never her event. Blue Kirby runs into a building. Yellow Kirby laughs at him and then proceeds to hit a building as well. White Kirby thinks someone will get hurt during the event and uses fog remover to remove the fog. 


Impact on TARSEdit

While dense fog is nothing special, it marks the first of 42 comics Poyo Ride made on his laptop, and the first made using Windows 10 MS paint.


Comic 143
On June 29th, 2017, Poyo Ride remade the comic on the computer used to make the first 142 comics.


  • A version on Deviantart is available without the fog blocking all character text. 
  • There is no fog version of the remake.
  • Comic 143 without fog by poyoride-da0m9rc

    Original Comic 143, without fog.

    The fog is likely a test on a brush that isn't on Windows Vista's MS Paint.
  • The description of the original says Stadium Prediction will appear more often, which doesn't happen.
  • The second quote on Dyna Blade's original wiki page is from this comic.
  • The comic's wiki page was made a month before the comic, as a Template Page.