"Yup, it's time to start up the school comics again. Now last school comic Ride School was destroyed, so it's the first school comic to take place in the new school. It's blue, so that means it's better.

Anyways, in this comic, during the first day of school, Kirby and Miss Robot get their lockers, but trouble happens quickly."
      —Deviantart Description
is the 170th Comic in The Air Ride Series.


Miss Robot forgets her locker code, so she buzzes open her locker with a chainsaw. However, she buzzes open the wrong locker, presumably Robin or Nurby's locker, due to the locker actually having school supplies in it. Miss Robot later gets assistance from Mrs. AMP to open the locker, and when opened, reveals Miss Robot's secret drug stash (and a water fountain.)


171 TeaserEdit


  • This is the first time a comic teases the next comic, in this case, Comic 171: The Olympics.
  • There was a comic made on paper known as "Kirby and Miss Robot's Locker Fun." However, while both comics revolve around lockers, Locker Fun's plot instead has the dynamic duo ruin the lockers of others instead of trying to open their lockers. It was reacted to by Poyo Ride here.
    • Poyo Ride himself even mistook it for a Comic 170 paper comic when he first saw the comic's title in the pile.
  • This comic was considered the greatest comic of August 2016 in Poyo Ride's "Comic of the Month 2016."
  • 16 and 24, the first two numbers of Miss Robot's locker code, were also the first two numbers of Poyo Ride's locker in the year he made 170. The aforementioned Kirby & Miss Robot's Locker Fun has Miss Robot say the locker combination "16, 24, 18." Poyo Ride himself confirmed that 18 was the third number of his locker code that year.
  • Poyo Ride's post series deviantart post about how every comic was categorized as a Manga & Anime comic uses this comic as the example to show the category comics were placed in. It also features Miss Robot in the top left, taken directly from this comic's last panel.
  • Mr. Robot appears in the Deviantart tags, despite not appearing in this comic.