"there is also a serious lack of dem legs"

"Wait till Comic 200."
      —First quote from a Discord user, second by Poyo Ride. This foreshadowed Comic 200.

Mettaton! The Final Battle! is the 200th comic in The Air Ride Series. More notably, it is the FINAL comic in The Air Ride Series before the comics were cancelled. This comic involves the final battle with Mettaton EX!

Comic 200 was planned to be the Mettaton EX comic for quite some time, Poyo Ride saying since June 2016. It was heavily foreshadowed in the later half of 2016. In the fourth A Day in the Life of the Shadow Star comic, Mettaton appears and says Comic 200 is approaching. On the TARS Discord, someone commented there is a serious lack of "dem legs" in TARS, and Poyo Ride responded by saying to wait until Comic 200, hinting Mettaton EX was starring in 200. The Deviantart description for Comic 199: The Art Contest flat out confirmed that Mettaton was starring in Comic 200.


Mettaton appears and tells the kirbies all of his shows were staged. Blue Kirby says that every show is like that. Mettaton decided to fight the kirbies, but Yellow Kirby says there are drugs behind Mettaton. This fools him and Yellow flips his switch. Mettaton transforms into Mettaton EX! Blue Kirby calls Dyna Blade quickly and asks her to trample Mettaton for some patch snaks, but Dyna Blade hangs up. Mettaton attacks White Kirby, and White Kirby orders all of the air ride kirbies, even the replaced ones, to attack Mettaton. (Except Brown Kirby) Mettaton dodges it and brags about how he can't be defeated. He starts posing as usual, but then realizes something Yellow is forming. It's the Yellow Devil! He's not very happy that Mettaton still owes him two cents, and he kills Mettaton. Mettaton's grave is shown, and the comic ends.



  • This comic hints at the favorite stars of the two newly introduced kirbies.
  • Brown Kirby is absent from the scene featuring every Air Ride kirby attacking Mettaton.
  • Mettaton EX's battleground randomly changes from pink to black in some panels.