City Lighthouse
The Lighthouse is the second comic in The Air Ride Series. It focuses on White Kirby destroying the city lighthouse. It is also one of the few comics with a remake.


Comic 2


White Kirby destroys the city lighthouse. Red Kirby/Green Kirby see this happen, depending on the version. Red Kirby smiles while Green Kirby gives it a blank expression. Dyna Blade yells about how it's her job to destroy the lighthouse. Dyna Blade's Mom rants about how the lighthouse has been beautiful ever since the year 666, and how White Kirby then destroys it.

In the original, Shadow Star says that he's going to be found again. Antasma says "irony" for some reason. Silver Kirby peeks out from a corner, saying "neat". In the remake, Stadium Prediction appears instead, and says "Why the lighthouse? Fuck you."

Characters Edit

White Kirby

Green Kirby (First Appearance)

Dyna Blade

Shadow Star (Heard Talking)

Dyna Blades Mom (first appearance)

Antasma (first appearance)

Silver Kirby

Stadium Prediction

Red Kirby

Bold=Remake Only

Italic=Not in remake


Comic 2 is regarded as one of the worst comics in TARS by Poyo Ride. It has various flaws making it a bad comic.

  • Most notably, the text is written out by Poyo Ride, making it look ugly and unreadable. This is because Poyo Ride did not know how to change text size at the time of this comic. This is the last comic to do this.
  • In the original, White Kirby uses a black object that looks like a hammer to crack the lighthouse.
  • There is tons of white space around White Kirby's quote bubble.
  • The background by Antasma is a black square. This is because when you import an image with a transparent background onto MS Paint, the transparency is replaced by a black background, which was never removed.
  • Dyna Blade's Mom's Line, "and u kill it" is weird.
  • Antasma's line, "Irony", does not fit well into the situation.
  • There is plenty of white stuff in the remake surrounding the imported images, notably around the lighthouse area.