BLUE KIRBY TOOK MY PIECE! is the fiftieth Comic of The Air Ride Series, released on May 15, 2015. 


This comic finally shows us what happens when Blue Kirby takes a piece. It's not a background event, but the main focus of the comic. White Kirby is chasing after Blue Kirby, as the latter has taken his piece. Yellow Kirby is trying to stop White Kirby, while Red and Purple Kirby come in to aid him. Green, Brown, and Pink Kirby all comment on how the match is going, with Green assuring that Blue Kirby is fucked over. Orange Kirby appears and wishes he was in Kirby Air Ride, while Silver Kirby watches with popcorn in his hand.



  • This is the first and only comic to feature all eight Air Ride kirbies from TARS.
  • Pink Kirby saying "This is getting intenser" was an intentional grammar error. Since Pink Kirby is confirmed to only be four years old in the series, obviously, she wouldn't have perfect grammar.