Poorly Drawn Kirby is the 81st Comic in The Air Ride Series and the debut of the Poorly Drawn Kirby. It was released on September 9, 2015.

In this comic, the Poorly Drawn Kirby appears and says his signature line, "I'M SO POORLY DRAWN!" White Kirby asks who on the comic team thought that character was a good idea, with a voice saying "GreenKirby121098." Poorly Drawn Meta Knight also appears and claims he is first on the poorly drawn tier list.

Poyo Ride claims that this comic, or rather, the first appearance of the Poorly Drawn Kirby, came out very late. Notably, despite having a decently active Facebook account back in the day, Poorly Drawn Kirby was one of the few characters on Facebook who never transistioned to the comics. Even after this comic, PDK never became a regular or even a minor character, as this is his only appearance in the comics.



  • Poorly Drawn Dyna Blade was originally going to be included in this comic, but was likely cut due to the lack of space in the comic. Without increasing the canvas size, which Poyo probably didn't know how to do when this comic came out, there are absolutley no good spots to include her in.