Comic 22.


Comic 22's remake, notably looking better than the original.

Okay, let's face it. TARS comics aren't in the best quality. Occasionally, Poyo Ride decides that instead of making up a new idea for a comic, he revisits a very sloppy comic and refurbishes it. These are known as the "Comic Remakes."

List of Comic RemakesEdit

When TARS was ongoingEdit

Comic Notes
Comic 1: Dyna Blade and the Beach This comic received two seprate remakes. One of these was in the form of a panel comic. This is also the first remake.
Comic 2: The Lighthouse
Comic 3: Jumping Assbot
Comic 4: Ridley Makes His Big Entrance Considered by Poyo Ride to be the best remake.
Comic 5: Mega Man 2 This remake is one of the two to debut a new character, Heat Man.
Comic 7: Yellow Will Claimed to be a Comic 9 remake by the original TARS wiki.
Comic 14: Sleep Tight
Comic 15: Earth Awakens Easily the remake that changed the most. In-fact, it's barely even a comic remake. It's more of the backstory behind this seemingly random comic. The original comic does appear in a panel, redone, so it technically still remade Comic 15.
Comic 22: Brown Kirby's Volcano
Comic 27: Pool Party Gone Wrong
Comic 36: The Elevator
Comic 40: The Mayflower's Voyage The comic's remake was released before the Shadow Star's quote was added into the comic, so it was quickly added into the comic.
Comic 41: Tomb of Nightmares
Comic 64: Splatfest: Roller Coasters VS Water Slides Unlike other remakes, the background is identical to the background of the original comic. Comic 1's second remake is the only other comic to do this, if imported backgrounds are the only ones counted. The roller coaster panel also looks very identical to the original, background aside. The main difference is King K. Rool replacing King Dedede. The water slide panel has more differences. All the characters have been shuffled around the slides, Rocky and Carbon Kirby were removed, and Miss Robot makes an appearance. Also, this was the real last comic before the switch to the laptop.


Comic Notes
Comic 85: Zygarde Takes Steroids Like Comic 15's remake, calling this one a remake is a huge stretch. There isn't a panel remotely similar to the original. Zygarde doesn't even buy steroids in this comic. This acts as a conclusion to TARS after it was cancelled. It was chosen due to Comic 85 having higher than average views on Deviantart.
Comic 143: Dense Fog Since this was the first laptop comic, Poyo Ride decided to remake this comic using his old computer used up to Comic 142.
Comic 95: Math Worksheet Chosen because Poyo Ride liked the comic a lot.
Comic 157: THE FINAL SPLATFEST! CALLIE VS MARIE! The first joke remake. It uses the graphics from the original, but crosses out the OH YES on Mettaton's panel to say no. Instead, Waluigi is the one to get the yes.
Comic 150: The Destruction of Ride School The first remake to release on the same day as the original comic.
Comic 84: Splatfest, Art VS Science This comic wasn't techically even remade. Instead, it was redrawn to appear as a cameo in Comic 150's remake. It's kinda a remake I guess?


  • The Air Ride Group wiki, the old TARS wiki, errenously claimed that Comic 9: Check Everywhere received a remake. Poyo Ride says it's likely Comic 7, suspiciously absent from the list, was supposed to be there instead of Comic 9, but since both comics are similar, Poyo Ride confused the two.