Gray poyo ride

Eddie121098's artwork for Green Kirby Air Ride.

GreenKirby121098 (Also known as Eddie121098) is the creator of Green Kirby Air Ride, and the cousin of Poyo Ride.


GreenKirby121098 created GKAR on November 28, 2014, after a kirby found a piece and Poyo convinced him to start a series. The series started with a few disputes over Green Kirby, but eventually got going.

Due to having a much busier life than Poyo Ride at the time, he rarely updated his wiki, and eventually gave the series to Poyo Ride, only coming back to his wiki once after that, in order to ban a user from the wiki.

Poyo Ride claims he made GKAR go downhill a little, and started to make it similar to 2015 TARS, with lots of throwaway characters and comics that were much worse in quality than the original 21. Not to mention Kidsy128 was also on the wiki at the time of Poyo's height in activity in 2015, and back then there were no wiki rules. Kidsy128 was usually adding in his own characters and changing character personalities to whatever he saw fit. He later got banned by GreenKirby121098, but this made 2016 have little to no activity, and GKAR has stayed that way, with three comics being made in that time.


Greenkirby121098 was added on June 28, 2015 into the GKAR universe as a character under the name "Eddie121098". He replaced Purple Kirby as Green Kirby's best friend. 


  • His girlfriend found the facebooks used in 2014 by Poyo Ride. GK121098 decided to delete all of the facebooks from his friends list, except for a few, mostly because Poyo Ride used the Shadow Star account to talk to him. (Though this doesn't matter anymore because now they text)
  • He was originally planning to go by "Metal Mewtwo" before GKAR came out, as seen on early TARS wiki edits.
  • His favorite GKAR Kirby is Brown Kirby.