The Kirby Air Ride Microgame is a microgame Poyo Ride made on Wario Ware DIY, based on The Air Ride Series.

How To Win Edit

Get To the star before Blue Kirby does. You have to tap White Kirby two times to get there. If he runs into the tower, its game over.

How To Make Edit


  • White Kirby's original sprite.
  • White Kirby sprite if the game is lost.
  • An unused sprite, which would likely be used when White successfully got on the star.
  • Blue Kirby's sprite
  • Blue Kirby sprite if the game is won.
Make a background like as shown in the images.


Make 4 objects, White Kirby, Blue Kirby, an invisible object that will be called Target on this page, and the winged star. (The star technically does not matter, but it is officialy the winged star). You can also make a Blue Kirby on a slick star (or any other star) that appears after winning the game.


Whatever you'd like.


The official one is, "GET IT!!!!!", but it does not matter.


IMPORTANT:Anything in Bold is optional. Anything underlined should be added only if you are trying to make the updated version. If underlined stuff is not added, glitches listed below will occur.


Put White Kirby to the far left, on the ground. Blue should be above him, in the air. The winged star is on the tower. The Target is located to the left of the Winged Star.

 ​White KirbyEdit


When White is tapped

Target the Target

Turn White Switch on


When White touches *Wherever the tower is located.*

When game is Not Yet Won

End Game in a Loss

Stop Traveling

Change Art To the Angry White Art

Make the game freeze.

Play Big Dog Sound Effect

Note:While White will stop traveling, he can still jump on the tower and ride the star with Blue Kirby


When White Touches Target

Play Snap Sound Effect


When Time 1-1 is hit

Go East


When White Switch is on

When White is tapped

When Game is Not Yet Lost

Play Tiger Sound Effect

Target Winged Star

Change Art to the unused art

Blue KirbyEdit


When Time 1-1 is hit

Go East


When Game is won

Go West

Instead of Going west, make him teleport offscreen if you are making the remake.

Play Correct Sound Effect


When Blue Touches Winged Star

When game is not yet won

Jump to Winged Star

End game in Loss


No AI! Targets dont have brains!

Winged StarEdit

When Winged Star touches White

Turn Winged Star switch on

Roam places

Glitches and errors Edit

The original version has many glitches and errors  Most Glitches can be fixed by tweaking AI. Almost anything in the AI section underlined is a glitch fix.

  • 3 glitches

    First three glitches at work at the same time.

    A glitch an happen where if White Kirby gets on the star at the right time, Blue Kirby will be riding on top of white Kirby.
    • Also, since this still counts as a win, Blue Kirby still appears in the background on the slick star, resulting in two Blue Kirbies, as the first one doesn't vanish.
  • When the game is won, White Kirby will ride the star incorrectly, and the star will cover up White Kirby. This glitch was caused because White Kirby targeted the star's center, not the top.
  • Sometimes, if Blue Kirby gets on the star a second before White Kirby, White Kirby will be right behind the star until the game finishes.
  • White Kirby can be in angry mode while on the tower. If he is tapped after he hit the tower, he will still go up. It also results in some other glitches if he is tapped more, like still getting the star, or being in random parts of the screen. This can be fixed by making the game freeze when White hits the tower.
    • This can also be triggered if White is tapped after jumping once after Blue is on the star.
  • Both White Kirby and Blue Kirby use incorrect colors in the original. Blue Kirby's color scheme is flipped, resulting in a dark blue body and light blue feet. White Kirby uses the monochrome appearance of Kirby's 6th palette swap in SSBB and SSB4, while his official TARS appearance uses his appearance from Kirby Air Ride and Super Smash Bros. Melee. They also do not have hands.
  • Blue Kirby can still appear twice if the game is played normally. As he goes west instead of vanishing, Blue Kirby will ride in on the slick star while the other Blue Kirby will be walking away.
  • White Kirby is able to jump up to the top of the building, which is impossible to do in Kirby Air Ride.
  • Blue Kirby floats to the winged star, which should not be possible in Air Ride, even while puffing up.




  • It was made on May 6th, 2014. He made the updated version on December 8, 2015.
  • Blue Kirby has been said to hate the winged star, so it is unknown why he is going for it. It could be likely that he does not have a star.