Mrs. Angermanagementproblems (Mrs. AMP) is a character in The Air Ride Series. She commonly appears in school comics and rarely outside of them.


Originally, Mrs. AMP was the teacher who got angry at the most minor offenses. However, as time went on, she was transformed into the generic mean teacher who hated Kirby.



  • Ampyellow

    Mrs. AMP as she appears in Comic 77.

    Comic 77 suggests that Mrs. AMP was supposed to wear yellow. It is unknown why she randomly switched to orange.
  • In TARS, a running gag was Mrs. AMP's love for solenoids, even though it wasn't really shown in comics.
  • Mrs. AMP was approved as a GT character after Poyo's friend saw Poyo Ride drawing a comic on paper that would later become Comic 176. Poyo's friend didn't want Poyo Ride having other series' aside from Granny Torrelli (Too late).
  • Mrs. AMP was not the homeroom teacher for all of the characters in Crappy Town Academy, as confirmed by Poyo Ride. Instead, the homeroom teacher was Miss Android, who barely got any comic appearances, but was mentioned several times on the wiki.