"Point to the red team!"
      —Her catchphrase in the paper comic.
Mrs. Biased was a character in The Air Ride Series. She never had a comic appearance, and doesn't even have a wiki page. However, she was the P.E. teacher for Ride School. She appeared in a paper comic read by Poyo Ride on camera. (7:50)


Mrs. Biased, as her name says, is biased. When games are played in P.E., she always gives points to one team, and one team only, making her disliked by the kids. During her paper comic appearance, she is biased towards the red team, giving them points despite everything that happens during the game, including the kidnapping of both the red team and Mrs. Bias herself. She is replaced by Miss Robot midway through the comic.


Mrs. Bias was created from two events at Poyo's school. The first of which is similar to the original comic. A game of "Castle Ball" was going on in P.E., basically like in the comic. Poyo and company were convinced the teachers were biased towards one team, as they were apparently getting all the points. The other event that happened was basically, there were four P.E. classes, and each day, they'd do something different. Poyo's class ended up going to the school's fitness center three-four days in a row, and the other classes didn't. Both of these indicents caused Mrs. Biased to be added to TARS as the P.E. teacher.


  • Similarities to The Art Teacher in the Castle Ball comic should not go unnoticed. Mrs. Bias notably is giving out points to the red team, and Art Teacher only likes things that are the color red, notably painting things that aren't red the color red. Poyo Ride even points this out when reacting to the comic.