Purple Kirby is a main character in Green Kirby Air Ride.


Purple Kirby is a prankster who's always pulling off stupid pranks in order to annoy all of the other kirbies. He's constantly in hot water with Tappy Cown Law Enforcement for the types of pranks he's pulling off. He loves to make others laugh, even if he's bad at it. He is best friends with Green Kirby. They've been best friends for years and Purple has never pulled a prank on Green. Then Eddie121098 came along and now he's Green's best friend.



  • His theme song is the Happy Troll Song: [1]
  • He was the last character to be confirmed for ARA Smash Bros. He is also one of two characters with a Challenger Approaching teaser not to use either the Melee or Brawl challenger approaching screens. He used the Smash 4 challenger approaching screen, while Brown Kirby used the one from Super Smash Flash.