"Red Kirby Air Ride" is a possible name for a third air ride series, after TARS and ARA. Everything about RKAR was kept in a green notebook, which would become a wiki at one point before being abandoned. This was because Poyo Ride thought he made the ARA wiki too early, as some characters, particulary White Kirby, weren't added for another week.



4 kirby pages were in the book, as well as an erased Yellow Kirby, who was apparently greedy.


The first kirby is Kirby. Kirby hated saving the world, and was not helpful when the other kirbies tried saving the world. This kirby is similar to Kirby from Kirby's Wonderful Adventures.

Blue KirbyEdit

The next kirby was Blue Kirby. Blue Kirby was the same as his ARA counterpart, though got the added trait of being a prankster.

Red KirbyEdit

Red Kirby was basically the White Kirby of this series.

White KirbyEdit

White Kirby is a lazy kirby who likes to tell puns.


The names section was to decide the series name. The only name written down was "Red Kirby Air Ride". This was to make it easy to find for people who were looking up Red Kirby in Air Ride, but the name was too similar to Green Kirby Air Ride.

Kirby idea sectionEdit

The Kirby idea section was a section that was to give Poyo Ride a page to put down his kirby ideas. 

Ideas include:

  • TARS Pink
  • The idiot
  • The theif
  • ARA Green
  • Star Obsessed
  • Kirby with a personality disorder, which looks like Schizophrenia according to the doodle
  • Stingy Kirby
  • Sans

Returning CharactersEdit

Shows Dyna Blade and the Shadow Star returning. Blue Kirby is not shown here for some reason.

Important DatesEdit

Shows when the ideas were made, because Poyo Ride is a huge dateaholic 

Explo KatanaEdit

Meant to be a page for new characters, only Explo Katana was thought of. She was supposed to be a rival to Dyna Blade, as Explo is short for explosion, which is caused by Dynamite, and Katana is a sword, like a blade. However, Poyo Ride screwed up, as the Dyna in Dyna Blade is actually short for "Dynamic", not "Dynamite."