The Fantendo Controversy happened in mid april of 2015.


Four TARS Characters were put onto a wiki called Fantendo. Some people, however, accused White Kirby of ripping off another character on Fantendo. According to Poyo and a few others, this was caused due to design similarities. They also started panning the series for its use of 9-11 jokes, which Poyo Ride can agree with today.


"original design donut steel"
      —-The first comment on the page

"Errr, being completely honest, and I swear i'm not trying to sound rude or anything, this does need some work, dude. Expand on the sections so they're not just lists and just flesh out his character more. Also, many people are comparing this to White, since he's a similar character in terms of design, except he's liked more because his article is more fleshed out and he's developed more. So just work on the article a little more and this could be good "

"what's next "Black Kirby" black kirby, the rival of white kirby! fighting to free people from racism! "
      —TARS ideas

"I don't really know why he has to change the colour from white. Just give him something to differentiate him. Gimme a few minutes and I'll whip something up to show you what I mean. "

"Let's talk about Kirby racism "


"One mention of "rip-off" and perhaps a conversation with White was all that was necessary. Instead, what do you guys do? You keep bashing it over his head repeatedly, not even caring for the person behind that character's creation one bit. I've been in that position several times in my own life, where I feel I've worked on something so great and it turns out to be a miserable failure, and get called out on it so many times until I feel completely unwelcome. Is that the sort of impression we're aiming for anyone coming here anew?

tl;dr version: You went WAY too far with the repetitions of the same mistakes being pointed out. I'm more than a little pissed."
      —Defense of Poyo Ride

"Figured well I'm 16 and still immature but I just want to be respectful and please you guys. My cousin really did work hard on this... And he gets bullyed by douchebag kids at his school and he's a really nice kid. I just wanted to reason with you all and I promise he would never steal any of your work. But all of your work looks amazing! Just please... I'm asking very nicely.. Yes I know this is the internet... -_- I just wanted you all to know."

"White is A Character from Fantendo

White Kirby Is a character from deviantart

That's like saying Nikki from Swapnote Is a ripoff of Nikki from dork diaries because of the name and they both like writing"
      —random comment


  • Several false info goes around in this comments section:
    • On one comment, Greenkirby121098 says "And he gets bullyed by douchebag kids at his school." According to Poyo Ride, this claim is false, and he doesn't get bullied at all. He says that he has no idea where GreenKirby121098 got that comment from.
    • Poyo Ride claims White Kirby was made on February 23, 2014, which is not the exact date. The exact date is unknown.
    • Someone calls White Kirby a character on deviantart. White Kirby doesn't originate from deviantart, he originates from a wikia and had the comics from his series put on deviantart.